February 2000

By Beverly Nadler

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    What an extraordinary time to be alive --.probably the most stirring and momentous time in the history of our planet!

    So many things are changing.  More and more people are becoming conscious and aware of their role in creating their own life and are seeking knowledge so they can become better "creators".  That's what this newsletter is about.


    "Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the
    Alexander Smith


    With Valentine's Day this month, what could be a more fitting theme for
    this newsletter than Love.

    Probably no word or sentiment is more misunderstood.  Humanity has many
    "loves". We love our spouse, children, parents, siblings, friends, other
    people, movies, chocolate, music, wine, sex, God, food (ah, yes, how we love
    food).  And sometimes we get angry at, or even feel we "hate" most of the
    above (including whatever our concept of God is) when they are not meeting
    our demands, or satisfying us enough. This is known as conditional love, as differentiated from unconditional love.

    For years I could not understand what was meant by conditional love and
    unconditional love, or why it was so important.  Now that I know, I'd like
    to share some thoughts with you.  Understanding may make a profound
    difference in your life, as it made in mine - especially if you learn how to
    apply it to the first and foremost person in your life who deserves and
    NEEDS your love - yourself.

    Most people feel unconditional love for their pets and babies. No matter
    what they do or don't do, you still feel that warm loving glow when you
    stroke them, hold them, "talk" to them, play with them, or just marvel at
    their perfection - even if they have done something that has made your life
    extremely inconvenient, or messed up your beautiful carpet.  You accept them
    fully and completely and are grateful that they are in your life.

    And that's what we need to do with ourselves - accept ourselves.  Unconditional love is total acceptance, "warts and all". Accept your "humanness"; accept your imperfections; accept that life is a journey and you are doing the best you can.  Appreciate yourself for all that you do to make life better for your family, friends, people you work with.  Notice and acknowledge the nice things you do each day, and your accomplishments, however small you may regard them.  To others, they may be very important. Take good care of yourself.  Pamper yourself when you've had a stressful day (even when you haven't had a stressful day!), and be as generous with praise and kindness to yourself as you are to your best friend.  For in reality, you ARE your best friend.


    The "energy model" of life tells us that everything that exists is energy, and energy is electro-magnetic and in a continuous state of vibration. "Everything" includes all that you can experience with your five senses - what you see, touch, hear, taste and smell -- and everything that is not apparent to your five senses, including everything that exists on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well.

    Thus, all of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs are always vibrating.  The rate, or frequency, of the vibration determines what you "create".  What makes this such life-transforming knowledge, is that when you truly understand that everything vibrates, and become aware of how YOU vibrate and you learn the skills of consciously changing your own vibration at will, you are on your way to creating the life you desire.

    Life, as we experience it, is not just the result of our "thoughts" as is commonly taught in self-help books, tapes and seminars.  Rather, it is the result of what we resonate with (i.e: vibrate in harmony with). Here's how it works: you radiate your energy field/vibrations into the cosmos - which quantum physics calls "the unified field of energy" Then, by Law of Attraction -- the primary law that draws you towards and away from people, conditions, events, situations and circumstances-- everything that is in resonance or harmony with your vibrations is attracted to you, and everything that is not in resonance, is repelled.

    Now, as long as you are attracting the people, conditions, events and circumstances that you WANT - health, money, loving relationships, success, joy, etc. -- you have no reason to "do" anything. But if any of these are not sufficiently in your life -- if you are "repelling" some of them, and attracting illness, too many bills, not enough money, disharmony, undesired work experiences, stress and struggle -- these conditions change when you change your vibrations.

    One of ways to change your vibrations is with words words you say to others  and especially words that you say to yourself.


    Words have vibrations, very powerful vibrations.  The ancient Hebrews said the world was created from the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  The New Testament says "in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, And the Word was God.."  It makes no difference what religion you follow (or don't follow),the messages, here, are telling us the importance of words.  (Note:  spiritual truths and religion are two different things.The truths are eternal and transcend all religions; religion is the form and ritual through which different people choose to worship the Power that created the universe).

    If we are believe that everything is energy -- and don't take my word for it, ask a quantum physicist -- and that all energy vibrates (again, don't take my word for it), then it stands to reason that each letter, each word, each phrase, each sentence, each statement vibrates.  And, further, by Law of Attraction, the vibrations they radiate attract whatever is in vibrational harmony with them.

    Continuing along these thoughts, the shortest and yet most powerful statement you can utter is "I Am".  In Hebrew, the letters for "I Am" are the same as the letters for one of the names of God (the Hebrew language has many names for the Divine, depending upon the specific "aspect" being addressed or considered).

    When you use the words  "I am", whatever you attach it to becomes an instant instruction to be carried out.  When repeated and reinforced often enough, your statement will find a way to be expressed in your life. Thus, the person who says "I am" and then adds careless, negative statements, is literally commanding him/herself to have limited abilities and conditions.

    Saying things like: "I am stupid, I am forgetful, I am tired, I am sickly, I am stressed out", and telling yourself that you are too old (or too young) or too fat or (perish the thought, too thin) or too unattractive for something you want in your life - or using any of the hundreds of words that have negative connotations to describe ourselves (whether aloud or silently) only serves to make them come true, eventually.

    We either attract the conditions to "prove" our beliefs about ourselves OR we attract people who believe they are true about us, OR both. As Shakespeare said (paraphrased) "nothing is either good or bad (or true or false) but thinking makes it so."

    How much better to say "I am" and follow that all important phrase with "I am smart, I am powerful, I am rich, I am prosperous, I am loving, I am lovable, I am successful" (yes, even before you are).  Richard Avedon, famed photographer of the rich and famous, said that Barbra Streisand made up her mind one day to "be beautiful" and that is what she became.  To those who think she is not attractive, to herself and her husband, Jim, and millions of fans, she is beautiful.

    Begin to monitor your thoughts and speech and when you catch yourself saying something about yourself that you would not want someone else to say about you, or that you would not say to your best friend, correct it by making a positive statement. Be careful what you say to yourself (and to anyone else), for the words you use are one of the most important ways you radiate your vibrations and attract your life.


    The biggest energy drain is also the major cause of disease and pain. It's called "stress".  But who among us can avoid stress?  To most people, the alternative is far worse - for as long as we are alive we will experience stress.  Life is a constant play of opposites.  Every "in" is matched by an "out", as in inhaling and exhaling as we breathe.  Every relaxation is matched by tension (or stress), as in the tension and relaxation of muscles during physical exercise or mental concentration. Throughout life, in every endeavor, we seek a balance between two extremes.  The problem comes when we are in a state of stress far more often and longer than in a state of repose.

    Stress can be physical, chemical, mental or emotional. (There is also, of course, spiritual stress that comes from not being at peace in our relationship to ourselves and/or our relationship to our concept of God and/or the universe; but while this topic is covered in various aspects of my work, it is not usually included in the scope of this newsletter).

    In a previous newsletter, I focused mostly on chemical stress, specifically, the energy drain of low vitality foods and the process of digestion, and I recommended taking digestive enzymes with meals.  Since I received few requests for the enzyme article and information I offered, (which is now posted on my website, on the Nutrition page), perhaps one of the following describes you:

    You only eat, raw, organic food and probably don't need enzymes, you already take digestive enzymes, you didn't read the last newsletter, you didn't read the part on nutrition. If either of the first two suppositions are true for you -- congratulations. You comprise a tiny percent of our population. If either of the latter two are true, you not only missed some valuable, relatively unknown information, you missed a fascinating true story about how a man's sex life was greatly enhanced when he changed his diet.

    A great deal of stress is caused by the insidious habit of "worry".  Worry is really a low level of fear that keeps us in a state of anxiety. As Lewis Thomas said about humans:  "We are, perhaps, uniquely among the earth's creatures, the worrying animal.  We worry away our lives, fearing the future, discontent with the present."


    There are basically two ways to stop worrying. One is to get enough information (knowledge, facts), so that you have a reason to no longer be anxious. The other is to re-program your mind so that you no longer have the same automatic "worry" response.

    The way to accomplish the first is (to restate a famous quote) "know the truth and the truth shall set you free". We fear that which we do not understand.  Prehistoric man feared fire until he learned how to use it.  It would be understandable for someone alone in the dark in a cabin in the woods to be fearful at hearing a strange hissing sound - until she turned on the lights and found it was the radiator, not a snake.

    When you know the natural universal and mental laws that govern the universe, knowledge replaces fear.  When you realize that nothing can come into your life unless you are in vibrational harmony with it, you can choose to learn techniques and use tools to change your vibrations (hint: it requires changing your mind, which is really about re-programming your subconscious).  Among recommended tools for reprogramming are the SCWL tapes. Check out the information about them on my website.

    In closing this newsletter, I'd like to leave you with a poem that woke me recently, "asking" to be written. It's perfect for a February newsletter.


    By Beverly Nadler

    Stop struggling.
    Life is meant to be a joy
    Stop struggling
    Be like an innocent girl or boy

    Begin trusting.
    Rest in the knowledge of
    A magnificent Divine plan
    Where all roads lead to love

    Don't you know
    How special you are?
    Don't you know
    You're destined to go far?

    Don't you know
    Life is full of challenge and blessings?
    Appreciate it all
    And learn from the lessons.

    Stop struggling.
    Bring peace to your weary soul
    Stop struggling
    Know you're part of a wondrous whole

    Begin trusting.
    Believe in the magic of
    Living with a grateful heart --
    For all roads lead to love!

    copyright Beverly Nadler 2000                                               


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