April 2000 - #1


By Beverly Nadler 








“Our brains become magnetized with the dominant thought we hold in our minds and by means with which no man is familiar, these magnets attract to us the forces, the people and the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominant thoughts.”   Andrew Carnegie


INTENTION STATEMENT:  “Live Your Vision” newsletter and my website are dedicated to the following:
To explain the “energy model” of life so you can understand HOW we create with “vibrations” (not just thoughts) by attracting the people, things, conditions, circumstances, situations and events that become our life


To clarify, correlate and integrate self-help and motivational material so you can recognize the “threads of truth” that run through and unify personal growth, philosophy, psychology, scientific, spiritual, natural healing and success teachings


To reveal the “hidden link” between what you want, the universal and mental laws, the way you think, the programming in your subconscious and what you actually get


To explain how the mind works so you can reprogram your subconscious and get more of what you want


To bring you practical information, news and ideas to reduce stress and enhance your health and happiness




There is a premise upon which everything I teach is based, and that premise comes from ancient Hermetic Philosophy and modern quantum physics.  It is:  This universe is a “unified field of energy”. Everything that exists is energy, subject to the laws of energy. Energy vibrates and is electro-magnetic. We are energy; therefore, we vibrate and are electro-magnetic and we are subject to the laws of energy.


With the above premise in mind, we know that everything has an “energy field”, also called an “aura”. There is nothing mystical or supernatural about your aura.  It is the electro-magnetic energy field that emanates from you and is made up of your vibrations. Where do your vibrations come from?  Everything about you vibrates; every single cell in your body vibrates; you (and everything else in the universe) are a vibrating “machine”, but, by far, the most powerful vibrations you radiate come from YOUR MIND.


Vibrations have two measurements -- frequency (rate) and amplitude (power). According to the frequency and amplitude of the vibrations you radiate into the unified field, you “create” your life – for it comes to you by Law of Attraction – a law that is as real and immutable as the law of electricity. You attract what you vibrate in harmony with.


Notice in the quote above, Andrew Carnegie said “and by means with which no man is familiar, these magnets attract to us the forces…etc.” Until quantum physics explained that everything in the universe is a form of energy vibrating at its own specific frequency – constantly attracting and repelling other forms of energy – the process by which we attracted the components of our life was a “mystery’.  For most people, it is STILL a mystery. My “mission” is to present information and tools that help people move from “mystery” to MASTERY.




To illustrate how we “attract” what we are in harmony (or resonance), with, think of a radio or television broadcast. Thousands upon thousands of stations are broadcasting, but YOUR radio or TV only “picks up” (attracts) ONE – the one broadcasting at the same frequency as the station/channel you’ve tuned into. Change the station or channel and you’ll pick up a different program.  All stations are still broadcasting, but you only “receive” the one your radio or TV is in resonance with.


The amplitude has to do with how loud (powerful) the vibrations of the program are. You change the power, or amplitude, by turning the volume dial lower or louder, while continuing to receive the same broadcast.


Your mind is both a broadcaster and receiver, constantly transmitting and receiving vibrations or “energy fields”. The energy fields it receives (or attracts) come in the form of people, things, conditions, circumstances, situations and events. These become the experiences that we call “life”. Personal growth teachings tell us that if we are not getting what we want in life, it’s because we are not “thinking” right. Supposedly if we change our thoughts, we change our life.  This is correct….as far as it goes. But it doesn’t go far enough. We do not necessarily get what we think, rather, we always get what we vibrate.




Most of our thoughts are not “thoughts” at all – they are automatic reactions coming from our subconscious beliefs, or programs.  And it is these automatic reactions that are vibrating into the universe, attracting our life to us from the unified field of energy.  It is a rare person who “chooses” his or her thoughts.  Most of the time we “broadcast” – consciously or unconsciously – whatever we are programmed with. If we are not programmed for what we want, we are likely to resonate with what we don’t want – and that’s what we get.  This is why changing our subconscious programs (especially releasing negative programming) is so important.


Tremendous passion for what we love and want to share with the world can overcome negative childhood programming, but most people don’t have that kind of passion. If you want to know who does, think Barbra, Madonna, Michael Jordon, Oprah…and every superstar – or “ordinary” person – who has overcome great odds. 


People who are driven by their passion vibrate the love they feel for whatever they are passionate about. These vibrations are more powerful than the vibrations of their programming, no matter how negative (verbal abuse, poverty, physical and/or sexual abuse, etc.). Their conscious vision is so great, there is no room for their subconscious to radiate and attract negativity.  These people achieve their goals because of their passion!


In the absence of that kind of passion, your subconscious mind broadcasts the vibrations coming from your programming.  Therefore, if possible, find or create something to be passionate about, and vibrate that passion into the universe.  If not, become aware of, and continuously change your automatic “thoughts” when they are negative. Of course, this is only important to do if you want to improve your life.  My point is, your vibrations determine your life. 


Today, millions of people are involved in their own personal growth. They sincerely want better health, more success, prosperity, loving relationships, joy and peace in their lives. Yet, in spite of reading more and more books and taking more and more seminars, they still do not have what they want.  What can be done about this?




If you are not attracting what you want, it means that you are not “vibrating” in harmony with what you want. This is nothing to be ashamed of, angry about or fear, for you have the power to change your vibrations. If you hear a lot of negative self-talk or negative thoughts “popping” into your head, you are sending negative vibrations into the universe, and by Law of Attraction you are unconsciously attracting back what you are in vibrational harmony with. 


To change your vibrations and programming, first become “aware” of what goes on in your mind. Sometimes, just being aware causes changes to occur in your psyche. Keep in mind that when you focus your attention upon something, you automatically vibrate in harmony with it, especially if emotion is involved. Because this principle is not understood, many people vibrate in harmony with the things they want to eliminate. Thus, many sick people get sicker, even though they want to get well, because they focus on illness instead of healing.


Also, many traditional doctors die of the disease they specialize in treating, while many alternative and holistic doctors live long, healthy lives.  This is because the latter think in terms of creating health, instead of destroying disease. (I know chiropractors that are past 80 years old, who are still adjusting spines.)


It is yout focus of attention that determines what you attract. As we observe things, they combine with our energy field. Fortunately, we have the ability to change our focus of attention.  Few people do this, however. That’s why most people who come from poor beginnings never get out of poverty or “lack”. Other people (such as the examples above), because of their intention and passion to change their lives, use the same circumstances to motivate themselves to create and focus upon what they love. 


As you consciously change your thoughts (and thus, your vibrations) in the moment, you also change your subconscious programming to some extent. There are numerous specific techniques that I explain in my “Dynamic Self-Healing” manuals -- such as mental imagery, affirmations, scripting and others. Some of the finest reprogramming tools I know of are the SCWL subliminal tapes.  (Be sure to read about them on my website.)


You Can Live Your Vision


By Beverly Nadler


You can live your vision

You can live your dream

The source to do this

Comes from an endless stream


Of Power that makes it

Possible for you

To make your dream

And vision come true.


Is there a song in your soul?

You are longing to sing?

Is there a gift in your heart?

You are longing to bring?


Is there something that calls you?

And says follow me

Is there an image you hold

Only you can see?


Whatever your vision

Hold it in your mind’s eye

Give it wings

Watch it fly!


You can live your vision

Turn it into reality

This is your Divine gift

This is your destiny!


Copyright Beverly Nadler 2000


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