Your Magnificent Mind


By Beverly Nadler


Have you ever been confused by the conflicting messages that seem to come from your mind?  When you want to make a decision, does it often feel like several different voices are talking in your head, all with different opinions?


What you’re experiencing is the activity of the three aspects of your mind. It is important to differentiate between the aspects, because they each have specific functions. When we allow one part to take on the job of another, it causes unnecessary struggle and frustration (like your hands taking over for your feet, for instance).


When you understand the differences and learn how to use all the aspects of your mind as they are intended, you can become the master of your life.


Where Is Your Mind?


Do you know where your mind IS?  We know where the physical brain is, but how about the mind? Well, your mind is not a physical “thing” and so it is not confined to any “place”. It functions anywhere and everywhere within time and space.  To prove this, take a moment to remember a past event, like a great trip you took. Re-live the memories for a few moments.  Then change the image in your mind.  See or think about yourself a year from now. What are you doing?  Where are you, and with whom?


With this little exercise, you experienced your non-physical mind operating outside of time and space. With this ability humans can “create” their own reality.  When you use your imagination long enough and often enough, with strong “intention” to make the images real, you will manifest your desires and live your vision, regardless of current conditions.


Unfortunately, most people use this ability to create what they DON’T want. They imagine the opposite of what they desire and allow those negative images to determine their thoughts, feelings and actions. Since what you focus upon shapes your life, is it any wonder most people do not have what they want?


Everything that exists is energy in continuous vibration, and has its own “energy field”. What we call the “mind” is really energy vibrating at different frequencies (rates of vibration) in the brain.  These vibrations register in the brain and body simultaneously.  (That’s why some researchers tell us that the mind is in every cell of the body).  These frequencies also vibrate into the “unified field of energy” that is our universe.


The vibrations of your mind radiate a very powerful energy field. Your life is “created” as YOUR energy field (your vibrations) interacts with the unified energy field of the universe. Here’s how:  Your vibrations are always radiating into the universe, whether you are aware of the process or not.  These vibrations attract, and are attracted to, the people, things, conditions, events, circumstances and situations that you are in “vibrational harmony” with (this is also called “resonance”). By natural law, these become your life.


The Awesome Computer Of Your Subconscious


Your subconscious is the programmed computer of your brain.. It is also called your “lower mind.” This is not because it is “lowly”, but because the frequencies of its vibrations are primarily related to physicality and matter, which are low and slow compared to high, fast, non-physical vibrations. (Example: when a fan is still, the blades vibrate at the slow, low rate of matter; turn the fan on and the blades rapidly vibrate at such a high frequency they become invisible).


Subconscious programs come from several sources: The first is genetic, and includes inborn talents, personality traits and the instructions that run your body.  Next is environmental, and these include everything you learn, such as your name, the alphabet, how to read and write, simple and complex skills and all the beliefs you consider to be  “the truth”.  These are developed through repetition and reinforcement -- by doing, hearing, seeing, saying, feeling and experiencing the same things over and over again.


Another important, and often overlooked, source of programming is what Dr. Carl Jung called the “collective unconscious”

(also called “mass mind programming”).  This type of programming is all but ignored, even though much of our life is run by it. This programming, as it affects each individual, varies according to what is considered to be “the truth” according to the family, religion, culture, country and social, economic and educational groups. Mass mind programming usually operates in our psyche without our awareness. It accepts illusions like “life is a struggle, money is hard to come by, we get sick as we get older”, as reality. It is also where the seeds of prejudice begin. 


Most of your thoughts (and the feelings and behaviors they cause) are the result of programmed beliefs being stimulated. Many beliefs, of course, are life-enhancing and life-saving. Because of your programming you can drive safely, cook and shop, communicate with people, take care of your daily needs, perform your job, etc.  However, fearful, depressing and anxious thoughts are also the result of programming -- programmed beliefs that have no validity.


With its awesome computer-like abilities, your subconscious can process up to one hundred million messages per second, and runs your body with incredible efficiency.  However, it has no ability to discriminate between programs that are for your benefit or detriment. To the subconscious, ALL programs are instructions to be carried out. Fortunately, though most people rarely change their programs past their teen years, they can be changed at any time.


The Under-used and Under-appreciated Conscious Mind


Your conscious mind thinks (or it is supposed to), wills (has will power), reasons (figures things out) and makes decisions. Most people rarely use their conscious mind.  They confuse their automatic reactions coming from subconscious programming with thoughts.  They don’t use will power to motivate themselves to do what needs to be done when they don’t “feel” like doing it. They don’t bother to figure things out for themselves, preferring to believe what the media or their peers or a celebrity (or the mass mind) says is so.  They rarely make decisions; rather, they simply allow their subconscious programming to direct their lives. Some of the programming does not reflect the person’s beliefs.  Indeed, it is part of mass mind programming and often originated in the minds of the media and the vested interests who appoint themselves as “authorities”.


The conscious mind is the tool that allows us to “create” our life according to our own choice. However, in order for your conscious mind to make a decision that departs from old programming, it must have enough new information to “understand” the area of life in which it is considering making a change.  This is true whether you are concerned with health, career, spiritual growth, money, relationships, etc. That’s why knowledge is so important. .


Your Unlimited Superconscious Mind


Your superconsicous is also called your “higher mind” (meaning it vibrates at the higher frequencies of the non-physical planes and is your link to the “Power” Source). It is in touch with the entire universe and therefore has unbounded information and abilities.  Unlike your subconscious, which always makes its beliefs known (those automatic reactions) and motivates and inclines you to think, feel and act in certain ways, your superconscious quietly waits for YOU to acknowledge it and ASK for it to participate in your life.


Those flashes of intuition and gut feelings that turn out right come from your superconscious, as do miraculous “interventions” (often called “miracles”) in your life. Most people are not cognizant of their superconscious.  Others expect “it” to direct them and are disappointed, and even angry, that it does not. As a matter of fact, your higher mind will infallibly guide you when you integrate it into your life. You begin with a conscious intention to be aware of and recognize it, for it speaks in a “still, small voice”. It honors the fact that you have free will, so it will never intrude, unless you are in serious danger.


If you are not aligned with your superconscious, you’ll need to establish your communication. Rhythmic breathing, meditation, chanting, prayer and certain rituals can assist you. When you wonder if the “voices” in your head are coming from subconscious programs or superconscious wisdom, here’s a clue:  Your superconscious never insults, criticizes, condemns or is unkind to you.  Your SUBconscious, however, may be very insulting, critical, condemning and down-right nasty…depending on your programming.


The Gift Of Free Will


It is your conscious mind that gives you FREE WILL to live your life according to your desires. If you wonder why your superconscious doesn’t give you more guidance, it is because it will not impose upon your free will.  You must first become aware of it and CONSCIOUSLY integrate it into your life. Your conscious mind has the ability (and responsibility) to CHOOSE between the insistent promptings of your lower mind and the subtle guidance of your higher mind. 


When you understand how your mind functions and you integrate all of its parts, you’ll be able to use your conscious mind and the power of your WILL to choose thoughts that vibrate in harmony with what you want…regardless of what is happening in your external world. 


The Critical Faculty -- “Barrier” of The Mind


This is the part of the mind that is rarely mentioned; yet it is because of this “barrier” that change is so difficult for most of us. The critical faculty’s job is to make sure nothing ever gets through to our subconscious unless it is agrees with what is already programmed in our mind.  While it is not a physical barrier, the critical faculty is so impenetrable, it might as well be made of steel.


When we are born, the barrier is almost non-existent and infants soak up outside impressions like a sponge.  Everything is accepted and recorded by the subconscious.  This is why babies and young children can learn anything that interests then quickly and easily. However, while they are learning, the critical faculty is also developing. At approximately age five it is well developed, and while the child continues to be exposed to enormous amounts of information and concepts – she accepts those which are in accordance with what has already been accepted and has a tendency to reject the rest. Usually the reason something has been accepted as “true” by the subconscious is because of a tremendous amount of repetition and reinforcement. If a child has a lot of negative feedback from family, teachers, peers, etc, he may conclude he is not smart, unlovable, unattractive, undeserving, etc. Not only will he be unable to accept positive feedback, he may unconsciously “look for” or even put himself in situations that confirm his own view of himself.


Once the barrier is established, there is tremendous resistance to change our way of looking at life, even if we would consciously want to.  Breaking through the barrier to reach the subconscious with a “new” idea (like “I’m really okay”) is often done by the use of “fascination”. It’s what the media does to get through to your subconscious and convince you to buy their products. Observe the imagery, music, dance, lights, color and sensory stimulation of every kind in TV commercials.  The images and words evoke emotion, passion, or total dissatisfaction with yourself so that you become convinced you MUST buy xyz product or you will be a failure for the rest of your life.


Reprogramming Through Repetition And Reinforcement


You can also BY-PASS your mind’s critical faculty and go DIRECTLY to the subconscious by agreement (such as agreeing to hypnosis) or with subliminal messages. Once you have access to the subconscious, you can reprogram it.


Just as the subconscious is originally programmed through the on-going process of repetition and reinforcement -- that’s how you learned to crawl, walk, spell, add, read, groom yourself, use a phone, fax and computer, drive a car, etc.-- it is also REprogrammed through repetition and reinforcement.  However, now it has to deal with the resistance from programs that are not in agreement with the new ideas.  For instance, as your grew up you developed your self-image and level of self esteem and confidence.  If these are poor, it will be difficult to accept any ideas that say “I’m a talented, lovable person”.  Rather, it will be easy to reinforce your old negative messages.  That’s why it’s so essential for the subconscious to receive positive, success-oriented messages as often as possible, as young as possible.


Repetition and reinforcement can be painlessly provided with the use of SCWL subliminal audiotapes, which can be played as you carry out your normal activities. These tapes not only by-pass the critical faculty and go directly to the subconscious mind, they can also provide continuous repetition and reinforcement. I probably wouldn’t be alive today if I hadn’t used the their tape #64, “Psychoneuroimmunology”, when I was critically ill some years ago. (See TAPE page for more information on these state of the art subliminal tapes)


Because I know the enormous role our mind plays in every aspect of our life, I truly want people to understand the mind and how it works in conjunction with universal law. To me, not knowing the laws that govern the universe is like trying to spell and write without knowing the alphabet.


That’s why presenting this material – in books, tapes, newsletters, articles, seminars and workshops – is my mission and my passion.  Please tell others about this article and let them know about the kind of  information they can find on this website.


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