The Magic of Understanding


By Beverly Nadler


There is a wonderful book called “The Magic of Believing” by Claude M. Bristol, written decades ago.  At the time, the idea that with strong enough belief and faith, humans could achieve and attain their heart’s desires was a profound and startling concept. The things people in the book were able to accomplish through belief were so amazing, there seemed to be no explanation for them, other than “magic”.


With this thought in mind - that belief or faith can bring more success, health, happiness, money and whatever we want into our lives -- let me introduce a concept that may be just as unique.  I call it “the magic of understanding”.  When we understand how life works, why things happen as they do, how we “create with our mind (which is what personal growth and success teachings tell us), we then have reasons to “believe”. If necessity is the mother of invention, then, perhaps, understanding is the mother of belief.


                                                   Why Understanding Is So Important


Without understanding, we have doubt, and where doubt exists, belief and faith - essential for turning dreams into reality - cannot live. The reason many people don’t make the significant, long-lasting changes they desire, in spite of sincere effort, and the reason relatively few people avail themselves of the energy-based products and services that can enhance their lives, is lack of understanding, caused directly by lack of adequate information.


Part of this article is based on closely guarded secrets that explain HOW the universe actually “works” – how we get what we get in life. These were only taught to certain people, such as royalty and political, religious and military leaders. The masses were not supposed to have this knowledge, for it would give them the power to control their own lives, thus removing power from vested interests.  Now, in the 21st century, it is clear that everyone, regardless of economic, social and cultural background, is supposed to take responsibility for his/her own life.  And to do that we need the vital information that has been missing. There are FOUR major areas of knowledge that have not been shared with the public. I call them the “missing links”.


The Four Missing Links


First is the lack of information, for the public, about the “energy model” of life and the laws of energy.  These laws were known as Hermetic Philosophy and were taught as the natural laws of the universe in ancient Wisdom and Mystery schools.  These teachings are now being confirmed by quantum physics.


Second, the public is not taught the mental laws.  They do not know how the human mind really works - conscious, subconscious, superconscious and the “critical faculty”.  (The latter is the rarely-mentioned barrier of the mind that causes tremendous resistance to change.)


Third, there is no simplified, clear correlation and integration for the public of the massive amount of philosophical, psychological, metaphysical, mystical, spiritual and scientific material presented in personal growth, natural healing and success teachings. With such an abundance of information, much of which appears to be in conflict, it is difficult to recognize the “threads of truth” that run through and unify these many diverse teachings.  It is also almost impossible to see the connection between what we want in life, the laws, how we think, our subconscious programming and what we actually get. This lack of understanding causes confusion, frustration and doubt  --all of which ultimately lead to loss of faith.


Fourth, the public is not taught an effective technology of change, with techniques, processes and tools that can break through the seemingly impenetrable barrier of the mind and both deprogram and reprogram the subconscious so that people can get more of what they want.


The Energy Model and the Laws of Energy


According to quantum physics, we live in a “unified field of energy” and everything that exists is energy, coming out of this unified field. This scientific data confirms ancient metaphysical and spiritual teachings about one Power and one Consciousness.  All forms of energy vibrate and are electro-magnetic. Therefore, everything - physical, mental/emotional and spiritual - is continually vibrating, attracting and repelling. This includes us and everything about us. By the energy laws of Vibration and Attraction we attract the people, things, conditions, circumstances, situations and events that we are in vibrational harmony with…and we repel the rest.


High frequency vibrations of joy, love and gratitude are in harmony with health, prosperity and the good things we desire. Therefore, if this is what you are vibrating, you are likely to be attracting many of things you want. This is vital information for anyone who wants to deliberately “create” his/her life. Not knowing these laws is like playing ball without knowing the rules of the game or writing a book without knowing the alphabet…except this lack of knowledge can be far more disastrous. The universal and mental laws are the fundamental rules for life and the foundation for all change, growth, success and healing.


Understanding How the Mind Works


For decades, millions of people have been trying to change their life by changing their thoughts, and the results have been disappointing. That’s because the “process” of how we create with thought is not explained. Nor are we told why change is so difficult. As a result, people become frustrated and angry at themselves and lose self-confidence because they think they “should” be better at changing their life. How can they be, when they haven’t been taught how the mind works or the laws governing change and/or creating (both of which mean the same thing)?


The purpose of the conscious part of the mind is to think, choose and decide.  The subconscious contains all memory, imagination and instructions for running your body and your life. These instructions are “programs”, and like the programs in a computer, they determine outcomes.  You have subconscious programs that tell your heart how to beat, your lungs how to breathe, your stomach how to digest food, etc.


In addition to these inherited programs, which can and are subject to change (that’s how we become sick or regain our health), all the beliefs you have acquired throughout your life are also programs, as are your behaviors and habits.  The latter two are the result of your beliefs; that is, you behave and function as you do, because of beliefs programmed in your subconscious – many of which you are not aware of. 


Since your programs are instructions for your life, your beliefs literally run your life. In fact, most of your thoughts are likely to be automatic reactions coming from your programming. If thoughts create, as motivational and inspirational teachings tell us, most people keep recreating the same things over and over again, because they keep thinking the same thoughts.  Therefore, if you are not satisfied with your life, you will need to “reprogram” your subconscious, so that you have different automatic reactions.


Your superconscious is your connection to the Infinite. It is the inspired, intuitive, unlimited part of you.  By tuning into your superconscious, magic and miracles can happen. The critical faculty is the barrier of you mind that prevents anything from reaching your subconscious unless it is in agreement with whatever is already programmed. This barrier makes it difficult to reprogram your mind. (For more information on the mind, read the article Your Magnificent Mind.)


How to Penetrate the Subconscious


We penetrate into the subconscious by using both conscious and subconscious methods. Mental imagery/visualization, affirmations, prayer, meditation, scripting, gratitude, breathwork, chanting/sound are examples of going from the conscious mind to the subconscious.


Hypnosis and the use of subliminal tapes are examples of going directly to the subconscious. While it appears that the second method (going directly to the subconscious) is better, we usually need to do both. For instance, people who are hypnotized benefit by using conscious techniques to reinforce their sessions.


Repetition and reinforcement are very important for reprogramming your subconscious. Most of what we now know we learned by hearing, seeing, saying and/or experiencing over and over again.. That’s how you learned to spell, read, write, dress yourself, do your schoolwork, run a business, relate to people, drive, operate a computer and anything else you do. For that reason, everyone can benefit from the thousands upon thousands of positive messages on well-scripted and technically-advanced subliminal audio tapes. (The ones I use and recommend are SCWL tapes, which you can read about on this site.)


Why Reprogramming Is So Challenging


The subconscious mind does not like change, which is why so many things often interfere when we decide to take on a new physical or mental activity (a different way of “thinking” is a new mental activity).  This interference is known as “resistance”, and it can be so disturbing that many people become discouraged and give up their well-intentioned efforts. Recently, some daring, innovative research into the workings of the mind reveals that negative programs/beliefs and buried emotions become energy blocks that are “stuck” in our neurology and the cells of our body. Unless they are released, they block healing. They also interfere with our success and happiness by making it almost impossible for us to reprogram ourselves. In fact, some of these energy blocks must be released before new programs can be accepted by the subconscious mind.


The good news is that there are extremely effective techniques for releasing these blocks.  These wonderful techniques also correct disruptions to your body’s “energy system” (your energy system is differentiated from your bio-chemistry).  The reason these techniques (known as “energy psychology) correct disruptions to your energy system is because negative emotions, negative beliefs and energy system disruptions always accompany each other, and the releasing techniques take care of all of them at the same time.


This was known and practiced thousands of years ago, as part of an ancient Chinese system of healing based on the Tao. Fortunately, there are professionals who use the technology with their patients and clients. It is also possible for individuals to learn some techniques and use them on themselves. The ones I use are simple, and extraordinarily effective, and I teach them to my clients.  A combination of working with a practitioner and doing release work on oneself yields marvelous results. As remarkable as it may sound, releasing energy blocks in your body has the profound power to facilitate healing in your body and mind and to impact positively upon every area your life.


The Power of Understanding


Now we return to the reason I wrote this article in the first place -- to share my views on the importance of understanding. I believe if the public understood the “energy model” of life, how the mind works and the natural laws by which humans create, the entire world would be transformed.  There would be much less disease, fear and poverty. More people would meditate, pray, visualize and eagerly seek the services of practitioners who use energy-based therapies, such as chiropractic, hypnosis, acupuncture, massage, physical and emotional energy healing techniques, etc. They would also eat higher frequency (healthier) foods and use high frequency whole food supplements, herbs and pure essential oils to raise their vibrations.   Most important, they would believe in themselves.


When you understand that everything is energy and that life is governed by the laws of energy, this understanding gives you a reason to believe you can create what you want, including what the rest of the world calls magic!  


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