If We “Create” With Our Mind, Do Physical Things Matter?


By Beverly Nadler


This is an important question, because it seems to be paradoxical.  If we create with our mind, why do we need to concern ourselves with “doing” and “taking”?  Why can’t we just “think” about healing?


Well, the truth is, some people do.  But, frankly, unless you know your energy field is  “vibrating” at such a high frequency that healing is almost automatic, I suggest that in addition to using your mind, you also use some of the wonderful healing resources available. Let’s examine this subject in more detail.


We Heal With Energy (Vibrations)


Everything is energy and the energy of the human mind is one of the most powerful sources of energy we know of.  However, what we can accomplish with our mind is limited by our personal perceptions, programs and beliefs. The more you KNOW there is an infinite Power within you, the more you trust that Power, the better you get at “healing”.


Let’s not forget that everything in the universe is energy, in continuous vibration. Therefore, by using the positive energy of the physical plane (things and actions), we add to the healing potential. Keep in mind that everything we do, say, think and everything we use, is included in our vibrations, and it is with our vibrations that we “attract” the people, things, conditions, circumstances, situations and events that make up our life experience. That means by Law of Attraction, when we focus on healing, we will be led to the things we need on the physical plane – the best people, techniques, products, etc., to assist us our healing.


While focused mental vibrations are more powerful than physical vibrations, every vibration “matters”.  Thus, in regard to health and healing, our actions, behaviors and physical things-- such as food, supplements, tobacco, drugs, essential oils, herbs, etc – affect our vibrations.  So do homeopathic medicines, which are totally vibratory in nature, as they contain no molecules. Everything we look at and think about, every environment we are in, every thing we put on and into our body, every person we communicate with, everything we put our attention upon combines with our vibrations at any given time.


Healing With Color and Sound


Our vibrations are especially affected by color and sound -- the sounds we hear, and the sounds we create with our voice or an instrument. In his fascinating book, “The Mozart Effect”, Don Campbell tells of his own healing (and many other healings) through music and sound.  As you may conclude from the title, the vibration of Mozart’s music is very healing, although it is not the only music that assists healing (and humans are not the only life forms to respond – animals and plants are affected also). The unified field of energy is made up of light, and sound and color are the first manifestations of light. The higher the vibration, the closer we come to light. “En-lightened” beings are drawn with a halo of light around them to show their high state of consciousness. Perhaps you’ve noticed that when you feel joy or faith or love – all of which are high vibration emotions—you also feel “lighter”?


Some aware architects and decorators are carefully choosing the colors for hospital rooms and business establishments, in recognition of the influence of color to excite and depress. Some are even using Feng Shui principles -- the art of creating vibrations of peace, prosperity and harmony within an environment – to design or furnish a room, home or building.


Everything vibrates because everything is energy.  Everything is electro magnetic, attracting and repelling everything else. Vibrations that resonate in harmony, attract each other. To the degree that you can surround yourself with positive vibrations, do so.  But when you can’t, when you are in a very “un-feng shui” environment or when you are with negative people or when you are unable to use physical things or substances that have high vibrations, you always have ONE extraordinary tool at your disposal.  That tool is your MIND.


The Vital Role of The “Placebo Effect” In Healing


Why do some people heal from a specific medicine or treatment, while others, using the same medicine or treatment, do not? How is it possible for people to get well from taking something that has no value because they “thought” it was an effective treatment?


Getting well from an inert substance (like sugar water, which, if anything, should be bad, not good, for one’s health) is known as the “placebo effect.” Unfortunately, most doctors still dismiss the placebo effect as being an unimportant phenomenon. In truth, it is the MOST important factor in healing, for it is created by the powerful energy of the MIND.


Here’s a fascinating true story, experienced by someone I personally know, that illustrates the miracle of the placebo effect. I changed only her name, and while the story is lengthy, I chose not to condense it because it is so inspiring. 


Fascinating Case History


Leslie was a very beautiful young girl, studying to be an actress, when she discovered some “pimples” on her face. She squeezed them (never a good idea), not knowing she had the chicken pox.  The poxes spread and some became deep pustules.  When the illness was over, she was left with several large holes on her face, some of them so unsightly, that she became seriously depressed. Her unattractive appearance was not her imagination, as people moved away from her in the subway and in stores. She became so despondent at losing her good looks, and having to give up the career she loved, she even considered suicide. Fortunately, she decided to first see if any doctors could help her.


Each doctor reviewed her case and concluded he could not. (This makes no sense to me in the year 2000, but perhaps, over 40 years ago, plastic surgery was not as advanced as it is now.) The prognosis for Leslie was that she would have to live with her pockmarked face.  Then she found a compassionate doctor who offered a solution – a cream that had been used successfully during the war on soldiers who had gaping bullet wounds.  He said the cream closed up the gaping holes and did not leave any scars.  She was told to apply it morning and night while asking the “Almighty” (his words) to help her heal.


She returned a month later, bursting with excitement and joy as she showed him the marvelous results she’d gotten with “the miracle cream”. When the doctor saw her, he was stunned. According to Leslie, his mouth was hanging open and he looked like he was about to faint!  When she asked him what was wrong, he could barely talk. Then he explained that the cream he had given her was a simple Vaseline based hand cream with no more power to close up gaping wounds and heal ugly scars than plain water! He asked her how she accomplished her incredible transformation.


Leslie’s “Miracle”


Leslie told the astonished doctor she had done exactly what he said and each day she gazed in the mirror searching for signs of improvement, and thanked the Almighty for the subtle changes she discovered.  And then, one morning, she looked in the mirror and she could see almost nothing to suggest that she ever had anything wrong with her skin. (Indeed, when I met Leslie, she had the tiniest little scar on her cheek – so small she had to point it out to me under a strong light.)


She asked the doctor why he had given her the useless cream, and he answered: “You were so despondent, I was afraid you would kill yourself.  I wanted to give you a little hope, and thought that maybe, in time, you would accept the fact that your face would never heal!


Amazing story?  Yes, but it is one of many.  Leslie’s BELIEF that she had found the “answer” to her dreadful plight literally changed the vibrational pattern in her mind and body, so that healing could take place.


How Your Mind Influences Your Body


In 1998, I read an article titled “MIND MATTERS” in, of all things, a magazine published by a hospital in Dade County, Florida. The article cited Bill Moyers’ 1993 television series, “Healing and the Mind”, in which he introduced the new scientific field of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) -- the effect of the mind on the body’s immune system -- and explained that your ATTITUDE about your life can greatly affect your health potential. Your perceptions can change your body’s bio-chemical interactions so that they maintain health and resist disease (or they can do the opposite). This is true, regardless of what you “do“ physically. How does this happen? 


According to PNI research, a system of neurotransmitters is activated by -- surprise, surprise -- YOUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS. These neurotransmitters send out signals via your involuntary nervous system, and these messages are carried along a network of chemical pathways through your nervous, immune and endocrine systems to receptors in targeted cells and organs.  There they affect your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, muscle tension, digestion and elimination.  All these influences combine to determine how effectively your body can defend itself against bacteria, viruses and even tumor formation and autoimmune disease.


To me, the most striking statement in the entire article was this:  “Since cell-seeking messengers do not circulate without referring to what’s going on in their OWNER’S MIND, all this chemistry carries important implications for positive thinkers.” (My comment: AND for negative thinkers, as well.)


It is not just your perception and attitude about your health that influence these cell-seeking messengers -- although that is certainly important -- but it is your general, overall state of mind.


Ask yourself, is your cup of life usually half full or half empty?


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